Sunday, March 28, 2010

The story of Lightningia part 2

From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

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"Here let me make her apologize." Calamity said, pulling out a small stone out of her backpack that read "WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE CALAMITY'S FRIEND??" I clicked yes.

"Good, Good." she muttered then teleported away.

When I looked at her status, it said she was in Jade Palace. I searched around, but I couldn't find her ANYWHERE.

"Port stupid!!" A harsh voice came. I looked around me, but I couldn't find anyone. Finally I ported and found out why I couldn't find Calamity.

We were in the Jade Palace. Yes, I'm talking where the Emperor reigns, where only wizards come once in their lifetime to fight the mighty Jade Oni.

This was my first time here. I was in Village of Sorrow right now, so I haven't seen the Jade Oni close up. Suddenly an arm grabbed me from behind. I was about to yell, but a hand got put in my mouth. As I struggled I heard a harsh whisper say:

"Try to escape, and you're DEAD weak wizard. Understand??"

I nodded, and the hand let me go. A few seconds later I heard the rustling of cards, then a stern girl voice shout "STUN!"

Immediatly I ducked. Three streams of light zoomed past my head and hit one by one the Jade Oni master, the Emperor, and Jade Oni. They fainted and I turned back to the shadows.

"Hello??" I called arming my wand cautionly. Suddenly I heard laughing.

"Put your wand down!" Calamity laughed.

She emerged from the shadows with a smile on her face, and with it pulling a girl who was struggling to get away from her grip, but with no success.

"Lightningia I'd like you to meet Amber."

"Hi" I said shyly.

She didn't reply but instead glared at her sister. Closer up I could see her features better. She had blue/green eyes, wearing black/blue Dragonspyre robes that made her look like a leader, had a black backpack slung over her shoulder, and was clutching a blade in her hand, that could kill Jack the Ripper easily.

She frowned. "Why is SHE here??" she questioned Calamity.

"YOU ran over her. So you owe HER an apology." she told Amber.

"Sorry." and then she walked back into the shadows. Calamity instructed me to follow so I did.

In the shadows I saw two tents, a small campfire, and what resembled an Indian campsite.

"Here Lightningia, we can share tents." Calamity nicely said.

I went through the tent flap, and there was a laptop, on a sleeping bag, with a ton of newspaper clippings decorating the walls. There was also a few spell books, a wand laying nearby, and a little heckhound running into Calamity's lap.

I set my stuff up, which wasn't much, then inspected the clippings.




The clippings were all like that, showing blurred photo's of Calamity, Amber, and the ruins of Barkingham Palace. In spite of myself I gasped.

"That's right." said Calamity smiling jokingly. "We're delinquints, and you're gonna be one too."

"When??" I gasped.

"About right now." she smiled evily.

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-Amber StarGem