Monday, March 29, 2010


From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Yes, sorry. You may think by the title I did something bad. But no, well, maybe. I keep posting about things that happen in real life to me/Amber/both. Do you care? Nope. Do I care that you don't care? Nope. But, I want readers to keep reading this, so if you want me to stop, ok, I will.
OK? Cool.
So, today at school, we have our own March Madness. Growing up in the best place you'll live in the world, I admittivly thought it was boring for a while. But then, I realized that it isn't spy missions and crime that make your life interesting. It's what you do and how you have fun. And, going with that, I have a very interesting life.
Back to March Madness. So you pick a partner, and you and your partner get on a team, and the teams play against each other to find the final victor, the last match being played in front of the whole entire school.
Miracle of miracles, Amber's team is in the final match.
Amber and her teammates are wearing knee-high socks and headbands with their names on them. It's a lot of fun, them playing and me screaming at her and my other friend on the team. I'm supportive, what can I say?
It's a battle to the end, but Amber's team is the winner. They get shirts and bragging rights and glory, and I'm happy for them. It's one of those things that we do randomly at school that's just ... I don't know, hard to explain. Fun? No, school and fun don't go in the same sentence. Whoops. But anyway, it was pretty cool.
More stories from my life or just shut up?



Al Fonzo said...

Anon: ok dropping the f-bomb really wasn't nesscary. Here at the myth master we put serious time and commiment in our posts, and we REALLY don't like to be insulted. To hide the eyes of the younger kids, I'm deleting your comment show off.

-Amber StarGem

Jessica said...

Stoopid anon, you need a life.

Anyway, that sounds fun! I enjoy stories about your crazy life, I do! Just posting about W101 gets boring after a while.

My2Cents said...

I heard Alia had quite an adventure with that ******.

Pallamas said...

Wow, someone dropped an f-bomb? Amber, good idea deleting his comment!

Kyle Firesword said...

Anon, this is a family blog and game. Good job Amber for deleting his comment. I enjoy hearing about your crazy life, its interesting. I wish mine was interesting like yours.
Kyle Firesword