Wednesday, March 17, 2010


From the Myth Master's Team's Desk.....

Ok people whenever you see Chase Willowweaver KILL HIM!! Why?? Because he's said (and talked behind my back) about these things:

-That I'm Ugly

-That I'm an Idiot

-That I'm a fake

-He said I talked like a 6 year old

-Saying that my head is hollow

-Saying that I'm a pig

So thanks for making feel AMAZING Chase. Try bad-talking to me one more time, and I'm deleting you. Got it?? So stop @#%%^$ insulting me.

Hatingly Yours,

-Amber StarGem

P.S. If you want check out Van's Post about her Birthday if you havent read it yet


. . . . . . . . . said...
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Alia Lotuspetal said...

Yikes Chase, YIKES.

I've heard him say something like what you've listed, Amber. The exact words don't come to mind...

My2Cents said...

One thing- Don't kill me, and I don't do anything lol. Self-defense sry! I'm bad under pressure :P Peace? I don't wanna die :P.

Amber RosePetal said...

*Groan* Okay, That is just mean. Chase ought to apoligize. AND IT"S NOT TRUE!!

*Fumes and wants to borrow Alia's chainsaw to cut Chase in half*

Al Fonzo said...

My2cents: Did you ever think that I HAD feelings when you said all those bad things to me??

Kestrel Shadowthistle said...

(gets a knife just in case Chase shows up)

Sorry Amber. People can be mean. Like one time (I think it was either Chase, Malorn, or someone else) someone said that someone else said that I had a "thing" for David just cause I like to annoy him. It made me very mad.

M.W.S said...

Kestrel I never spread rumors like that you and David... Um, Chase regarding him well I guess he meant when you type you don't take things srsly...

Like the grammer here I guess he was stating you talk like a youngster... Geez, and Kestrel when have I said anything mean to YOU?!

Alia Lotuspetal said...


LOL, couldn't resist.

Anyway, Chase needs to apologize. I have HAD IT with people in this game named Chase that act the same. RUDE. Okay, SpiritTail was worse... But THIS Chase... He SHOULD end up the same anyway. *hands Amber RosePetal chainsaw*

Anonymous said...

I love drama, don't all of you?

It's wonderful for us to get the oppurtunity for a full-scale war. Wouldn't you all agree, people of the commenting war? Yes.

Disregarding Chase for a minute now, Amber-him saying you talk like a 6 year old ... really, coming from a 6 year old himself is not saying much, is it? Plus, hey~you don't have the best English (me correcting you a lot ...) but where do I fall then? People make fun of me *all* the time for having good English! Suddenly, it's everyone's problem with how we talk.

So, I have come to conclusion that we all can never be perfect, but just the way we are right now and go with it. What else can we do ...

No, regarding Chase-please, get a life. Thank you.


My2Cents said...

Well, what would you guys do if someone announced on a video game that they were gonna kill you cause you ported?!?! Ever heard of self-defense pplz! It's SCARY when someone you don't know says they gonna kill you. What if they actually hacked your account and stole personal info? That's just My2Cents on the subject, and it'll be my last, too. I won't apologize if I have a death mark on my head. @Amber: Ever thought I had feelings when someone wants to kill me?

Yours in pain,

Nails said...

@Kestrel: Sorry when I said that. I was sorta joking 'round with Chase, and he DID say that. @Amber: *Hands all of your favorite things* Dont worry, I'll speak with Chase. @ Vanessa: Didnt you say: Did someone die Ronan? Why are you using periods? Sorry for trying to be the peacemaker, but please, stop fighting! And Chase, you shouldnt make fun of people, and if you do, MAKE IT CLEAR THAT YOU ARE JK!!!

Al Fonzo said...

Nails: Thanks for being peacemaker!

Alia Lotuspetal said...


Anonymous said...

Nails---ok alright, fine for the pacfiyimg words.
Chase---are you freaked because people you don't know, well on an ONLINE GAME, say that they're gonna kill you?

People, if you are jk, then it is just the best thing in your interest to say so.


My2Cents said...

@Van: I was Jk lol. I AM freaked out that someone is trying to kill me in an MMO.
@Amber: Sorry. I didn't know I wasn't being clear with the JK thing.
@Kestrel: Sorry, it was a Friday, and I was kind of excited. My buddies irl were gonna be coming, and I was just really hyper.
@Nails: Thanks, bro!
@everyone: Sorry, sorry. I admit it, I kind of over-reacted.


Nails said...

@Chase: Dont get me started on the twin/brother thing the other day. ~Chasers/Nails/Chase/Ronan/Nails O'leary